Welcome to my site.

I’m an NHS data analyst / BI developer based in Scotland.

This blog is mainly about R - an open source statistical programming language, which helps me do more, in less time, than I could otherwise.

Why do you have a blog?

A few years ago I read that anyone who writes code for a living should have a blog. I also read that you needed to be on social media.

Both of these things upset me, as I did not want to be on social media, and did not think that anyone would be interested in anything I had to say.

But I did it anway, and here we are.

Why R?

Because I like it, there is a lot to learn, and let’s face it, there are plenty of SQL and Excel blogs out there already. Occasionally I write about other stuff too, and might pivot to new stuff in the future. But R is what I find myself wanting to use in my spare time.

Why should I listen to you?

I have written some posts that have been popular, developed packages, and given conference talks and workshops.

In addition to R, I am highly skilled in Excel, and have a well performing SQL course on an online learning platform.

I know what it is to struggle to understand something. I am quite good at explaining things.

I feel that is a useful quality.

I don’t have a computing / programming background, so I figure, if I can do this, you can too.

Tell me something surprising about you?

I am a qualified Yoga teacher, though I have not practiced for quite some time. Everyone should give it a go though.
I used to want to be a drummer, but I don’t think that’s going to work out now, if I’m perfectly honest with you.

Describe your blog writing process?

These posts are written late at night, in an effort to get them done at all.

I’m trying to share what I can but with a young family and full time job I do not have the time to go into massive depth on any of these topics.

In any case, I have found that time spent on a blog post does not have any bearing on how well they are received.

Some posts have had a lot of time spent on them, and have sunk without trace. Others have been flung out the door within an hour, and done remarkably well.

Nobody wants to read boring technical content. I try to make this entertaining, if only for myself, because at some point I will come back and read this stuff too. Some other people seem to like it, I hope you are one of them.

I like your blog posts. What should I do?

Tell me! Please do connect via Twitter or LinkedIn.

I try to follow back but sometimes I do silly tweets and get a quite a few folk following at once, so I am a bit behind. If I haven’t followed you back yet, give me a nudge and I will sort it.

Also please tell others.

I like your R packages. What should I do?

Star them on github, and get in touch to let me know how you are using them, or indeed, if there are any features you feel you need. Oh, and tell others :)

How much do you regret starting to ask all these questions?

Quite a lot. Let’s go to the blog section where more interesting stuff awaits.

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