• I am not a business
  • I am not selling anything
  • I do have a privacy respecting mailing list which you can ignore. Like everyone else does :)
  • I don’t know who you are.


This site does not use **Google Analytics to track the number of visitors.

Instead, I use goatcounter, which does not track you or leave any cookies on your device.

I also use cabin, which is another privacy respecting alternative, compliant with all known privacy laws.

I have no way of knowing who has visited. Unless you say “Hi” via Twitter or ‘connect’ on LinkedIn, which would be awesome, wouldn’t it?


Disqus is disabled.
I am on the lookout for a privacy respecting comments system that works with Jekyll. Until then, Twitter is the best way to reach me.

Social Media

I’ve disabled social media share buttons on the site.

You definitely won’t find any Facebook links.


As above, I use goatcounter, and have no active comment system in place.

I am not aware of anything that creates or leaves a cookie on your device.

However, the site is deployed through Netlify’s servers to (a) build it and (b) enable it to be rendered securely via https.

Site architecture

This site is a static site.
That means most of the content (apart from the highly necessary gifs) is either text or static images.
There is no database in the background logging information.
I care about your privacy and am taking all reasonable steps to maintain it.

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